Highway guardrail and wave guardrail commonly used parameters and standards

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High-speed guardrail supermarket Fence board parameters and standards:
GB: 4320 (length) * 310 (width) * 85 (wave height) * 4.0 (thickness) in millimeters.
Non-standard: 4320*310*85*3.85 (3.75, 2.85, 2.75, 2.5).
Fence board technology:
1, hot-dip galvanizing:
(1) National Standard: The target zinc thickness is 61 microns at the lowest point, with an average of 85 microns, and 600 grams of zinc per plate.
(2) Non-standard: Semi-zinc layer, with an average zinc layer thickness of 39 microns and a zinc content of 300 grams per plate.
(3) Custom zinc layer thickness according to customer requirements.
2, spray: hot galvanized spray, galvanized spray two, the target plastic layer thickness of 76 microns.
Column parameters and process:
1. National Standard: 114*1950, 114*2150, 140*1950, 140*2150. (diameter * length). The thickness is 4.5 mm.
2, according to the requirements of the drawings.
Attachment: column column round column, square column and flange column. Column caps are custom-made according to the column, and the cap thickness is 3.0, 2.5, 2.0 mm. Treatment process with guardrail board.
Two wave block parameters: 178*196*200 Material thickness 4.5, 3.0 mm.
Three wave block parameters: material thickness 4.5 mm.
End parameters: R160, R250, R350, R550, R750. (also can be customized according to customer drawings)
Other accessories: bridge brackets, cross-beams, upper columns, font brackets, anti-glare panels, etc..