Detailed specifications and weights of galvanized corrugated steel guardrails and wave guardrails

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Supermarket wave beam guardrails for high-speed guardrails are generally classified according to the installation location and anti-collision level. According to the setting location, it can be divided into roadside guardrails and central divider guardrails. According to the anti-collision level, it can generally be divided into A level and B level. Class A guardrail is an added type, which is suitable for use on particularly dangerous road sections on the roadside, and Class B is used for special roads. Corrugated guardrail material: high-quality steel plate with anti-corrosion treatment. Wave guardrail structure diagram 1. The width of the fence is 310MM, and the thickness is 3MM and 4MM. 1 ton of guardrail can be laid: 3MM thick 80 meters, 4MM thick 61 meters. 3MM thick weighs 12.3 tons per kilometer, and 4MM thick weighs 16.388 tons

(1) Fence board: board length × board width × wave height × board thickness
A, double wave guardrail board: 4320×310×85×3.0 theoretical weight 49.16 Kg
4320×310×85×4.0 Theoretical Weight 65.55 Kg
B, three wave guardrail: 4320×506×85×4.0 theoretical weight 102 kg
(2) Column: 114/140 × 4.5 × length Diameter × wall thickness × length
Length: 1m, 1.2m, 1.25m, 1.55m, 1.85m, 1.95m, 2m, 2.15m, etc.
Theoretical weight (4.5mm thickness): 12.16kg/m of 114mm, 15.06kg/m of 140mm
(3) Anti-blocking block: 196×178×200×3.0/4.0 Each weight is about 2.5kg, which is used together with the nine-hole plate.
(4) Column cap: 114mmx100mm Each weight is about 0.5kg
140mmX150mm each weighs about 0.6kg
(5) Bracket: 300 x 70 x 4mm/4.5mm Note: Each tray is weighed around 0.8kg with a 10-hole plate.
(6) Tips: General shunt side (R160), and center strap (R250) are two models, commonly used thickness is 3mm.
According to the customer's requirements can be arranged to make other models of special tips.
(7) Beam gasket (square gasket): Material: Q235, high quality steel plate. Specifications: 76×44×4 Weight approx. 0.08kg
It is used for lining of the bracket (resist block), guardrail board and connection screw hole.
(8) Bolts:
M16×170(150) column is connected with anti-blocking block and bracket;
M16×42 (40) Braking block, bracket and plate connection;
M16×35 (32.5) board and board connection;