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Wave guardrail, highway guardrail board forwarding steel information

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Domestic steel market:
1. Baosteel's Zhanjiang project will produce 6 million tons this year: On March 5, the National People's Congress deputy and Zhanjiang Mayor Wang Zhongcian who attended the National People's Congress in Beijing said in an interview with reporters that despite the current excess capacity of steel, there is competition. The strength of the steel production capacity is not enough. Zhanjiang Steel will produce 6 million tons of steel this year. “The Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Project is not only productive but also environmentally friendly,” said Wang Zhonggong.
2.30 billion yuan to promote green iron and steel collaborative innovation: Beijing Science and Technology Commission jointly with the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, the Hebei Science and Technology Department, and the People's Bank of China's People's Bank of the People's Bank of China, jointly promote the three banks of Ping An Bank, Bank of Beijing and China Construction Bank to develop a variety of green The financial support program provides a total of 30 billion yuan of credit line for the energy-saving emission reduction industry technology innovation alliance enterprises in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei iron and steel industry.
3, the domestic steel market rose for three consecutive weeks: At present, steel futures high consolidation, tons of steel billet has risen 90 yuan, the spot market price of steel also rose. What is more noteworthy is that the trading atmosphere in the steel market is active and the overall turnover is heavy. However, some of the prices have risen too quickly after the transaction volume has dropped slightly, the business mentality tends to be cautious.
Raw material news:
1. Coal cuts 60 million tons to cut capacity: National Energy Administration Director Nur Baike made it clear that in order to defuse excess production capacity in the coal industry, it will strive to shut down more than 1,000 backward coal mines in 2016, with a total production capacity of 60 million tons, and promote coal industry mergers. Reorganization.
2. Rising iron ore prices: Qingdao Port's 62% grade iron ore CIF price rose 2.1% to US$52.50 per dry ton on March 3. It touched US$38.30 per ton in December last year, setting a record for 2009. The lowest level since. In February this year, its price has risen by 19%, the largest monthly increase since December 2012.
Macro news:
1. The IMF will separate statistics on RMB assets: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated on March 4 that it will separately list RMB assets in its official foreign exchange reserve (COFER) database from October 1 this year to reflect the IMF. Member renminbi valuation reserve holdings. In fact, October 1 is also the date when the latest SDR (SDR) basket is in effect. By then, RMB will become one of the five major currencies of SDR.
2. The banking industry should improve the efficiency of the use of entity loans: During the deliberation of the Guizhou delegation during the two sessions of the Shanghai Banking Regulatory Commission Shang Fulin, the banking industry has seen a substantial amount of loans for the real economy. The key is that the efficiency of use needs to be further improved. .
3. The market value of restricted shares lifted by the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges was approximately RMB 7.7 billion this week: According to the arrangements of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, there will be a total of 660 million shares restricted by 14 companies in the two cities during this trading week (March 7-11). The shares were banned from circulation and the market value of lifted bans totaled 7.736 billion yuan. After the lifting of the ban, the Shanghai stock market will have Jiangnan Jiajie, and Shenzhen will have Kangqiang Electronics as the new fully-circulating company.
International Steel City:
1. The Asian H-beam market is increasing: Thai Siam Steel will increase the export price of H-beams in Southeast Asia by US$10/ton to over US$400/tonne (CFR). Hyundai Steel raised the price of domestic H-beams for shipment in March by 30,000 won/ton, and raised it by 70,000 won/ton from January to March. As the domestic market picks up, Hyundai Steel may later raise export prices.
2. Japan's domestic scrap market remained stable: According to statistics from the Japan Iron Sources Association, the average heavy scrap No. 2 price for the Kanto, Chubu, and Kansai mills in the three major scrap regions this week was 14,626 yen per ton ($130/ton). It was basically the same as last week.