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Highway guardrail | What should you watch while driving on the highway?

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Q: I just bought a car. Although the driver's license has been in hand for several years, it is still the first time on the expressway. What should I pay attention to when driving on the expressway?
Re: For the first time on the expressway, do not enter the driveway with more trucks. Because of the approach of the emergency lane, there are often trucks to stop and repair. There are many waste screws, but they are not easy to detect. These screws will be rolled up once the tires are rolling. Get up and get into the tires. The same goes for entering the service area. Do not park in the parking area of the cart. Before going on the highway, you must confirm that the car is in good condition, and learn about fueling, accommodations, and entrances and exits along the way. In addition to the full speed limit of the expressway, it is necessary to pay attention to the special speed requirements at the corners, tunnel entrances and other locations. Parking on the highway is very dangerous. If there is a problem with the vehicle, it should promptly open the double flashing light to prompt the vehicle and enter the nearest emergency parking zone. In addition, it is easy to get tired at high speed and it is very important for driving.