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High-speed guardrail supermarket | Maintenance section of Beijing-Tibet highway section

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High-speed guardrail supermarket learned from Inner Mongolia High-level Highway Construction and Development Co., Ltd. yesterday that some of the sections of the Beijing-Tibet Highway expressway were under construction and construction sections have been installed with warning signs in accordance with the regulations. Observe road conditions, slow down, and safety when driving vehicles. Driving.
Specific road section: G6 Beijing-Tibet Highway Mongol boundary Mengningjiedong → West direction: Meiliguetu-Lufuping section K370+800∽K371+300, K409+500∽K411+100 maintenance guardrail board; Xishanzui- Paragon Section K748+000 ∽K805+000, K951+000 Maintenance Guardrail; West →East Direction: Hohhot West-Hohhot Section K486+600 ∽K484
+600 maintenance guardrail; maintenance barrier board of K970+200 section of Mengxi-Balagong road; the temperature of the section under the jurisdiction is relatively low; the diesel vehicle is filled with -35 diesel oil to prevent the oil supply system from freezing.